2022-07-09 00:35:53 By : Ms. Amy Chen

Throughout my short lifetime, I can remember the Coach popularity wave surging and ebbing, multiple times over. When I entered the bar/bat mitzvah season, if you didn't have a Coach wristlet or baguette on your scrawny little arm, you might as well just stay home! (A shanda !) The brand fell out of fashion once the early-aughts logo-mania trend died out, but somehow started gaining cool points again once I hit high school. The reselling of vintage leather Coach bags became big, and the brand took notice, digging into its archives for a reimagined take on classic styles. You can also now buy refurbished vintage pieces straight from the source . 

If you Google “Coach rebrand”, there are dozens of case studies and academic papers on the subject, because it’s one of the few luxury brands without a 100-year legacy that has successfully altered its public persona. But once again, the pendulum has swung, and we can confidently say that Coach is absolutely cool again. Kiernan Shipka, J. Lo, and Michael B. Jordan have all been recent ambassadors for the band; peruse the brand’s site yourself to find a surprisingly streetwear-forward collection of bags and apparel; or, ask anyone on the Rec Room team, and they’ll lament how many people sleep on the brand. Scholarly musings aside, one reason Coach has such staying power is because it offers quality products that are considered affordable luxuries. If you want a nice bag you can proudly flex—without breaking the bank—Coach is always an excellent choice. Plus, unless you throw it in front of a bus, it’s going to last you the rest of your life, if not longer. 

If you’re ready to buy a bag your current self and your 13-year-old self would be impressed by—or a Ryan Reynolds-approved suede jacket , sexy-cool leather mini skirt , or trompe l'oeil sweater —now’s the best time. We’ve scoured the entire 50% off sale, and cherry-picked the absolute best of the bunch—everything from classic chore coats to everyday leather totes. If you missed out on the historic Zabar’s everything bagel sweater that Coach launched in partnership with the Upper West Side institution, you can even score the T-shirt version in select sizes, if you act fast. 

A must-have for any wardrobe, a heavy cotton chore coat is incredibly versatile and an excellent option for transitioning from season to season. The men’s coat is inspired by the innovative designs of Coach's first head designer Bonnie Cashin . It has a relaxed fit, with four roomy pockets for stashing anything from Roku remotes to Laffy Taffy. The most striking detail is the iconic gold turnlock closures in lieu of buttons. 

The women’s denim version has 90s-throwback stitching and pocket styling, offering a fresh take on the standard denim jacket . The retro fit is tailored in the waist, yet long, so you get a cool, oversized vibe without looking like you’re swimming in it. 

We all know it's the summer of Avril , right? Good. He was a sk8r boi, she said see ya later boy, and now she’s sorry—but, my dudes, cop your own pair of these shorts, and you may just win over Avril this time. 

But for all the ladies out there trying to outgrow dudes in Vans, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em—the oversized fit of these women’s skater shorts look très chic with a white tank . For real, both of Coach’s styles are super on-trend, and get the fit right—slouchy, yet tailored, and hitting just above the knee. 

There’s really not much more to say about the absolute perfection that is this snail-print camp shirt, but on top of its whimsical print and boxy fit, it’s made with 100% organic cotton, and part of Coach Forever , a collection dedicated to reducing its impact on the planet. 

Ready to update your hybrid-work wardrobe now that you’re seeing coworkers IRL? Show off the killer steez you’ve been hoarding at home all this time, and carry all your physical and emotional baggage in style with the Field Tote. A classic color-blocked and subtly quilted tote, it’s big enough to hold a laptop, your gym clothes, or even a bottle of wine. It also comes with a contrasting, detachable shoulder-strap for easy carrying. 

The Naomi flatform is going fast, but there are still a few popular sizes in stock. If you’ve been debating whether or not to splurge on a pair of Simon Miller platforms , why not take these retro raffia sandals for a spin? They're under $100, and have a thick rubber sole that can definitely handle shit-kicking that rude crust-punk who jabbed you with one of their excessively long spikes. (They’re also really cute.)

If you don’t feel like this pair of mismatched hot-dog-dolphin earrings are the accessory that has always been missing from your life, then maybe you’re more of a snail-ukulele person, or perhaps the flamingo-bee set speaks to you on a primal level? All I know is that I’m glad I popped in my monocle to pour over the accessories section—you can thank me later. 

While we can’t all be lucky enough to have a closet full of cashmere bagel sweaters, we can all rejoice in a very nice 50% discount.

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