A mobile home with sea views

2022-08-02 22:20:40 By : Ms. Mandy Sheng

When deciding where to spend the holidays there are a variety of options.Both when choosing a destination, and when opting for accommodation.The campsite is for many the ideal place to rest, and if it is near the beach it adds points.This is the case of the campsites in the Vigo area."This type of tourism allows you to be much more informal, to be in contact with nature and only worry about resting," explains Luis, a Portuguese camper who has spent 4 nights at the Samil campsite.Among the plots of this type of open-air rooms, it is common to find a great variety of stories.There are loyal campers who spend the whole summer in the facilities, as is the case with Agustín and Lourdes.For 13 years now, they have been coming from Ourense to spend the summer in the mobile home number 4 of the Samil campsite.“I come with my grandchildren, since they were little.Before, many families arrived,” explains Agustín.Others, like Luis and Inés, use this vacation alternative as a strategic stop on their van itinerary."We are touring Galicia, we stop here to wash clothes and also take the opportunity to go to the Cíes Islands," says Inés.For his part, Luis ended up in Vigo “after searching the internet for various options where he could rest from the more formal and busy work life”.The campsite thus becomes a place of coexistence where families, couples and groups of friends, among others, meet.Among them there are also several nationalities.Javier Pérez, manager of the Samil campsite, points out that “the national and international tourists they receive are distributed practically equally”.Among the license plates of cars and caravans you can see some Spanish ones, but also others from places like Portugal, France, Holland or Germany.However, it is common to find many children among the campers, since this type of environment is ideal for them to enjoy."They have more freedom," admits Luis."They meet other children and have a good time," says Agustín.During the summer they forge friendships that stay at the campsite, because they usually don't meet again for the rest of the year, so when classes finish they look forward to the time to return.In this sense, Agustín recognizes that since the pandemic, many people who went every year stopped doing so, however, they continue to be faithful, not for them, for their grandchildren.This year they considered the option of renting a house, because "it was a better price", but her granddaughter Patricia asked them to return to the campsite, so she could continue seeing her summer friends."We are in a house for the rest of the year," says Patricia.As for the place where people who come to this vacation alternative decide to spend the night, there are several options.Javier, in charge of the campsite, points out that "since the covid, most people switched to vans or motorhomes", however, there are still those who decide to pitch their tent on the plot.For Jennifer and Bruno it is their first time as campers, a friend recommended it to them and he left the tent to them.They arrived in Vigo with the idea of ​​staying just one night, "to try the experience" says Jennifer.However, they were satisfied with the atmosphere that they decided to stay for a week."We really liked the location of the campsite and the tranquility that we found," she says.The campsites in the Vigo area hope to be able to hang the full sign during the month of August.At the beginning of the month there is not much availability left, especially on weekends and holidays.The Samil campsite expects to fill up during the marisquiño, which this year returns to the sandbank on the weekend of 12 to 14.Meanwhile, in Playa América and Baiona, they have already hung the complete poster for that same weekend, on the occasion of the celebration of the Reggaeton Beach Festival in Porto do Molle.During the months of June and July, in the province of Pontevedra, the campsites exceeded 70% average occupancy.The Provincial Tourism Observatory reflected a meteoric increase in these outdoor stays, rising nine points compared to 2021.The Vigo area stood out in a prominent position at the provincial level, with more than 83% occupancy.This vacation alternative gains weight after two years of pandemic in which the number of campers had decreased.“This type of tourism allows you to be more informal and worry only about resting”“We are touring Galicia, we stop here to wash clothes and go to the Cíes Islands”“I have been coming with my grandchildren for 13 years.Before, many families used to come."“We were going to stay one night, we liked it and we will stay for a week”© Rías Baixas Communication, SACreative Commons licensed content

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