Lowi is down and the Internet does not work: Breakdown and fiber and mobile problems

2022-06-19 16:45:20 By : Ms. Ella Liu

If you are a Lowi customer and it does not work, in the next paragraphs we will explain what to do if the Lowi fiber or the mobile does not work.All the steps that we must follow to find where the error is, frequent solutions and common errors that we must take into account if we are clients of the operator and we want to fix it as soon as possible.We can know where the error is, how we can fix it whether it is on the mobile phone, the computer or the Smart TV.If nothing works, we can contact Lowi to send a technician to fix the problem as soon as possible.The first thing we can look at is whether Lowi's fault is for everyone or just for us.Lowi doesn't work but who?We can check if other users also have problems with the Internet or if it is only happening to you.And for this there are several steps that we can follow to check the problems.The first option is to go to a specialized website like Downdetector.Downdetector collects the complaints or problems from different websites and services and shows us a report of what happened in the last 24 hours through a timeline and a heat map where it tells us where the failures are or at what time the failures were reported by users.So all we have to do is go to the website and search for "Lowi" in the search engine or among its icons... Within the section we can see the notifications of problems sent in the last 24 hours compared to the typical volume of notifications by time of the day.If we see that there is a recent spike in error notifications, Lowi fails for everyone.Another common option is that we review Twitter.On Twitter we will always find users who come to the social network to complain if something goes wrong.If the Internet is failing on Lowi, just do a Twitter search with some keywords like “Lowi is down” or “Internet is down” and we will see if there are other users with the same problems as us or if there is someone else complaining about it .@adslzone The users of @Lowi_es are having problems with mobile internet and because of the tweets it is in all of Spain in case you want to inform yourself and make a news– Victor Mazo (@willowermazo) May 25, 2022Once we have checked following the previous steps, there are two options: that we have the error in our house or our devices or that the error is general.But if we have verified that only we have the problem and that Lowi does not work only for us, we have to check where and how.That is to say, Lowi does not work with the data trifa and you do not have Internet on your mobile?Does the connection at home via WiFi not work?The error may be from a device or the error may be generalized...In any case, the first thing we should do is check if the problem is in the optic fiber contracted with Lowi or the problem is in the mobile phone with our data rate.Or check if the error is global and the WiFI does not work on any device (wiring problems, router problems...) or the connection simply does not work on a device (mobile, computer...)If what is not working for you is the Internet on your mobile phone but it is on the rest of the devices, there are a series of steps that we can follow.The first thing is to differentiate if what is not working for you is the WiFi (which will imply that you follow the steps in the next paragraphs to check the router, for example) or if the mobile data rate is not working for you.It is one of the first steps that we must check on the mobile phone, although they are obvious in most cases.Normally this will not be the cause but it takes a few seconds to rule out that the error is here.And generally there are small day-to-day errors that will be resolved by checking the data, activating or deactivating them, activating or deactivating airplane mode on our smartphone.Turn off Airplane Mode if you had it on by mistake.Or turn it on and off to “reset” your connections and see if Lowi isn't working.We simply have to go to the mobile phone settings section and look for the mobile networks function.We can disable and enable airplane mode and we can enable and disable mobile networks.Another thing we can do on the phone is to check all the applications to see if one or none of them work.It may be that your WhatsApp messages are not being sent, but that does not mean that the Internet does not work, but rather that the app does not work, probably.So we can try surfing the Internet or check if all the updates are failing or not.For example, if a game does not load but another more basic application works, it is likely that you have poor coverage and do not reach enough speed for demanding games or applications, but the Internet works on your mobile phone.If what is not working is the fixed connection, at home, there are a series of steps that we can follow to check the Lowi fiber.We can check the router, check that the cables work correctly or make sure that the devices we are using do not have any problem.Does the Internet not work in general or the WiFi connection does not work?The first thing to find out is this if we have Internet connection problems.If you are using the computer and there is no Internet nor on the mobile phone, check if the connection that is failing is WiFi or in general.If you have your devices connected via wireless connection, try them with a network cable.If you have it with a network cable, try switching to WiFI.Or try different cables.We need to check where the error is in order to fix it.Check both wired and wireless connections and try another network port in another room or connecting to the router, since the error may be specific to a room, to a specific port, or even the error may be from the cable used itself.Thanks to these simple steps we will rule out where the problem is.If the cable connection works correctly but not through WiFi, you may simply have a coverage problem that can be solved through an amplifier, for example.Or if it works by changing the cable, you will already know that the error was simply that you were using a damaged or non-working cable.Another of the first steps that we must follow to check why Lowi is not working is to check the router.If the problem is in the WiFi we can see that the corresponding light is not on on the front of it.But we can also try to disconnect it, restart it or reset it to solve possible errors and make the Internet work correctly again.It will take us a few minutes.We can restart or turn off and turn on the router.Press the power button on the router and unplug the power cord from the router.Once we have done it, we wait a few minutes and reconnect it.Connect the corresponding cable and press the button again to turn on the Lowi router.If this does not work, we can also reset it or factory reset it.We will see that on the back of the device there is a small hole that we can press with a sharp object.Generally it will suffice to keep it pressed for more than 25 seconds and release after this time.The lights will turn off and slowly turn on.When all the lights are ready, check if the Internet is working.Also, if you have indirect fiber with Lowi, you can check the ONT.If you see that the ONT light is red, the cause is the cable: it is disconnected or broken, so you should notify the company and contact customer service to solve it.If the PON light of your Lowi ONT is solid green, the fiber is working correctly, so if it is solid and this color, you should try the different cables you have at home or in different devices.Another of the most frequent problems is that there is an error in the device you are using, whatever it is.On the Smart TV or on the computer, for example.In that case, one of the best things we can do is check if there is some type of malware or problem that is causing it to not work as it should.The first thing we must do at the software level is check for possible pending updates.Be it the computer, the TV, your mobile or even all the devices.Check that everything is correctly updated, both applications and programs as well as the operating system.Once you are sure, look for an antivirus.Pass an antivirus specialized in the different devices.It is very unlikely that this is the reason why you do not have Internet on different devices, but it is always a good option to check that we are free of malware or that there is something that is spoiling or slowing down the Internet connection.We may contact Lowi if none of the above has been sufficient to find or fix the error.It is likely that the error cannot be solved by you if it is a problem in the fiber optic installation, that it is a failure for which a technician is required.In that case, it is best to contact the operator to see what the solution is or so that they can solve it as soon as possible.If Lowi does not work, there are a series of telephone numbers that we can dial... The OMV makes the free telephone number 121 available to all customers, where we can contact customer service from Monday to Sunday from 09:00 to 22:00: 00 hours.If we have to call from abroad, we can do so if we have a Lowi service and we are not in Spain.We can contact the operator through the number +34611456456 to solve the incident.We can also contact by email, although we must bear in mind that it will be much slower than using the telephone to contact.We can contact the operator by sending a message to the email address help@Lowi.es or from the form found on the web.