It started 10 years ago with a traveling hot dog stand, it created a mobile bar and now it has reached a thousand events with its own world food company - ADNSUR - Nicolás Calfuquír is 33 years old and 10 years ago he began to undertake.He started from the bottom, with a hot dog stand in El Bolsón on the advice of a neighbor.Then, without experience, he was encouraged to venture into mobile bars thanks to a television program, and a year later he opened his own shawarma catering service, a world unknown to him.After the pandemic, Nico opened his own world food business and now from Comodoro he dreams of becoming a franchise.

2022-07-31 13:55:53 By : Ms. Yammie Law

A trip to El Bolsón and the advice of a neighbor was the beginning of a long journey through the world of entrepreneurs for Nicolás Calfuquir.At the age of 23, and after having left his Medicine degree, Nico heard those words that his mother's friend told him on the way to the mountains, and shortly after arriving at the village of the goblins, he found himself outside the office of tourism cooking hot dogs at his own stall."Panchoman" was his first experience as an entrepreneur, the beginning of a long road that 10 years later led him to open his own restaurant and develop two brands for events: Reina Bar and a mobile shawarma bar.Nico today is 33 years old and a year ago he opened the first branch of Di Mundi, the gastronomic place that cooks food from around the world, a concept that he himself devised, he says.In the heart of Kilometer 3, business is growing step by step and he dreams of becoming a franchise company that others want to replicate in other cities in Argentina.A JOURNEY OF 10 YEARSThe young man was born and raised in Kilometer 3, a few meters from Fray Luis Beltrán Avenue and studied at the Dean Funes School, which would be fundamental in his path as an entrepreneur.It is that as he tells it, in the beginning he did everything, from setting up his own hot dog stand to devising the bar that accompanied him at the beginning of Reina Bar.He is the oldest of four brothers and when he finished high school he went to study medicine in Buenos Aires.He spent four years in Capital, but at one point he realized that it was not his vocation.He wasn't doing all that well and he decided to turn around.Nico admits that his parents did not like the idea.However, he came back determined to look for work and other horizons.And so he discovered that he wanted to become an entrepreneur.“I thought, if I continue like this I will not be happy, I have to find another way.I liked Buenos Aires, but I didn't want to spend all my youth studying or working for someone.So I spent all of 2011 looking for a job and I started with the idea of ​​starting a business, watching documentaries, videos of people who had done business;I wanted to do something that didn't put limits on me, neither of schedules nor of money”.At the end of that 2011, her mother asked her to accompany her to El Bolsón, where she has two cabins.They were not alone;They were accompanied by a friend and neighbor of hers, who on her trip gave her advice that Nico would not forget about her.“Her idea was that I go help her, look for tourists for the cabins.And on the trip, Isabela, my neighbor, tells me 'Why don't you try to be in a food stall, hot dogs?', And she stuck with me.At that time I was shy, I didn't talk much with people, but I started looking for cars and I started to loosen up”.For a month, Nico looked for tourists outside the Tourist Office.And then he decided to return to the idea that the neighbor had told him about him.Thus, he bought machimbre, plotted a canvas and assembled his own hot dog car.Panchoman was a success.With his XL hot dogs, he was at the Hops Festival and the Lake Puelo Forest Festival, and he saw up close the potential that food had when thinking about a venture.After that summer, the young man returned to Comodoro and while watching Tomás Bulat's program, he discovered “Tomate Algo”, a bar franchise that operates in different parts of the world.This undertaking blew Nico's mind and he thought: why not make a hot dog bar?Aware of the power of digital marketing, the young man promoted his idea on Google, but added another alternative, a cocktail bar.Nico says that in the first few months he did 8 hot dog events, but since the profit was not much, he started working in a clothing store in Comodoro.He was on that path when one day the phone rang and everything changed.“In August of that year they called me on the phone and told me 'I saw your ad because of the service they have, for a wedding.''Oh yes, Panchoman,' I told him.'No, cocktail bar, can it be?' He asked me, and I said yes."Nico admits that he had forgotten about that project.However, he quickly put together a proposal, attended the meeting and in October 2012 closed his first event, taking half his salary at the store.At the wedding he broke it, brought drinks for 500 people when there were 100, but he rose to the occasion and started it all, something he remembers as a great moment.“Reina Bar hit, I got into the Rada Tilly market, which is a very difficult circuit, and I started to party with a very high target.It just happened that my contract at the store ended and I had bought a Kangoo, so I got fully involved in the project.By September 2015 I managed to do 22 events in a month and I was a supplier to Lucania for two years”, he says proudly.But there was a problem.Deep down, Nico knew that at some point he was going to get tired of working at night and also that the venture didn't have much of a future.So, in 2013, he decided to expand and went back to food.“I said 'I have to have a food place, because people always eat, no matter what.But it has to be something new.I started seeing things from food millionaires and I thought 'I have to have variety, not just one product'.So I modified Panchoman and created the Di Mundi brand with a soldier.But since I saw it as unattainable to make a place, I said 'somehow I have to start, if I make pata flameda I'm going to be someone from the crowd', so I thought of Shawarma, the fire show, the giant meat log”.Nico says that the first person he offered the service to was a Rada Tilly client who had hired him at the bar.He again closed the deal and began to organize everything, from doing the cooking tests to buying the machine to do it.The young man assures that until the pandemic he did 1007 events between Reina Bar and Di Mundi.His work was mainly on the weekend.He was doing well, but he saw that slowly, with inflation and rising prices, sales were beginning to drop.Thus, once again, listening, he was able to turn the screw on the venture and continue aiming at his original idea: to open his own store.“One day my uncle tells me 'Nico, why don't you think about doing something during the week?That you do nothing'.He stuck with me, and one day I started making shawarma from Monday to Friday, and we sold it in the center or south zone.At that time it was cheap and people bought it, but it was the kick to start producing my product”.In 2018, knowing that it was going to be impossible to disembark in the center, he began to think about opening Di Mundi in his parents' house, taking advantage of the fact that they went to live in El Bolsón.Meanwhile, he expanded the concept of food by devising different foods from around the world, from burritos, tacos al pastor, to arepas.In recent years, Di Mundi has worked mainly as a delivery, and in the pandemic he found an opportunity.Thus, while the events fell, Nico continued to grow his brand through the foods of the world.Finally, in February 2021 Di Mundi opened his first branch, achieving Nico's dream.From a distance, the young man feels proud of the road he has covered, but he wants to go for more.“We are growing a lot.The objective now is to jump into social networks with a lot of digital marketing and consolidate the brand.Later, I would like to transform the brand into a franchise and replicate the business in other provinces, but it is a great satisfaction, pride, perseverance, because it took a lot of effort.It was 10 years of work, but I want to aim for more because I'm still young”, says this entrepreneur from Comodoro who dared to dream, listening, looking and encouraging himself.