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Get lost in these incredible upcoming open world games.

2020 and 2021 were a bit of a tough challenge for developers. The worldwide health pandemic outbreak caused so many quarantine orders and shutdowns to take place. As a result, several video games that we were anticipating have been pushed back. That should make for quite the packed year for video games in 2022. In this list, we’re going to highlight some video games we can’t wait to play. With that said, don’t read too much into the actual ranking here. Until all the games are out and 2022 is wrapping, it’s difficult to really rank these games. Without further ado, here are our picks for the best new open-world games coming in 2022.

Disclaimer Update: Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, Ark II, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, State of Decay 3, The Day Before, STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl, Forspoken, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, Fable, and Starfield was removed due to no longer being expected in 2022.

V Rising puts players into the role of a vampire. Within the game, players are awakened from a slumber that lasted centuries. Weak and needing blood, you begin your journey of gathering up easy prey before you’re able to rebuild your castle. However, being a vampire means sticking to the shadows during the day and thriving in the open at night. Players can also expect an online multiplayer component. Here players can battle together to dominate humanity or take on each other in some PvP matches.

This year, Sonic Frontiers is the next mainline Sonic the Hedgehog game. During The Game Awards 2021, we got the grand reveal for this title. However, we didn’t get the finer details of what exactly we could expect. So far, we know the game is centered around a large open-world environment. A lot of players are comparing this game to the likes of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, for now, it’s purely a waiting game to see just how this game will hold up compared to other past iconic Sonic the Hedgehog titles.

You might find this game to be a bit surprising on the list. Typically Lego games are more linear, with players going through lighthearted parody versions of the source material. In fact, we have seen Lego Star Wars games in the past. However, this is a reboot of sorts as this game offers all nine of the Skywalker saga episodes to go through. Players can venture through the game from start to finish, but you’ll have a large open world map to explore between missions. This includes being able to traverse to different worlds. You’ll likely find different levels to be linear, but you’ll find plenty of exploration to be had here between level missions.

If you’re looking to step back into Gotham City has the Dark Knight this year, then you’re out of luck. However, you will get an opportunity to clear the streets of Gotham City as either Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, or Red Hood. Within Gotham Knights, players will follow a brand new storyline that features Bruce Wayne’s demise. First, however, Bruce sent out one last message to the Bat-Family, alerting the group that it’s up to them when it comes to keeping the citizens of Gotham City safe.

So far, we know that this is an action RPG title where players will be putting up a fight against a new enemy group, the Court of Owls, which was featured in the DC Comics universe from The New 52 Batman run. Gotham Knights are also set up to be a completely open-world right from the start, and best of all, there’s no level grinding. You will find that the enemies will become stronger as you level up naturally, so it doesn’t look like the game will keep you out from any particular area.

Tango Gameworks might be best known for a more horrifying experience. So far, the studio only has two installments available outside of this upcoming title. If you don’t know them by the development studio name, these are the folks who brought out The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2. Now, the studio is working on something more action-oriented but with still some spooky elements. In Ghostwire: Tokyo, players, are taking the role of Akito, who discovers the citizens of Tokyo had mysteriously vanished. Now in their place are otherworldly spirits. Having new powers that manifested in Akito, our protagonist must use a series of spells and supernatural attacks to defeat the spirits and uncover what is happening in the city.

Pearl Abyss first brought out the highly successful MMORPG, Black Desert. From there, they are developing Crimson Desert and this new IP called DokeV. We don’t have a ton of information on this game quite yet, but visually it’s rather stunning. From what we know so far, this is an open-world action-adventure game centered around creature-collecting. While we are waiting on more details to come out for DokeV, this is one game well worth keeping some tabs on. It might not appeal to everyone, but it certainly has a bright and detailed world.

Hogwarts Legacy is a title that was initially supposed to come out in 2021. The video game, much like several other titles, was eventually pushed back to 2022. In Hogwarts Legacy, the game is set well before the events of the Harry Potter franchise. Here, we’re tossed into the late 1800s, where you take the role of a new student to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We don’t know a ton of details about the game quite yet, but so far, we do know that this will be an open-world title. Players will be able to freely explore notable locations like the Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade Village. Furthermore, there is a morality system, so it would seem like there is a good chance we’ll find a dark arts pathway to take. How this will affect the in-game world, or its narrative remains to be seen.

Atomic Heart is set up in an alternative 1955 timeline where the Soviet Union has advanced dramatically with new technological wonders. Players are stepping into a KGB special agent named P-3, who is tasked with visiting a factory that’s gone silent. To discover what’s going on with this factory, players will need to venture into an area ruled by robots and oddity creatures. We’ve been waiting a good while for this game, and we’re hopeful that Atomic Heart hits the marketplace at some point before 2022 wraps. However, as for the open-world element, we’re left waiting for more confirmation on how big of a map player will get to explore. We know that the game has sections of the factory in different areas but just how expansive the map is for players to venture through and what all you’ll do in this world remains to be seen.

A new Saints Row game is in the works, and so far, reception is mixed. The game is not out yet, but some longtime fans are uncertain how this installment might go. In this game, we’re following a new gang that is rising up to take power. Set within a fictional American southwest city, factions are already established, so it’s an uphill battle to gain some notoriety. Again, we’ll get new characters to take control of the streets, although we’re uncertain if the gameplay will end up being over the top like past installments. So far, we know that this game will be hitting the marketplace early in 2022, so more details should start coming out soon.

Dying Light 2 was unveiled during E3 2018, where we are once again tossed into the apocalyptic zombie world and forced to fight for survival. Players will be in a new city location where factions are constantly battling to retain control of the area. However, the developers give players more freedom as they can choose to go down various pathways though they will all have their particular consequences. Just as before, this is an open-world game that will allow players to traverse freely. You’ll have to battle the undead if you choose to leave beyond the city walls, but it seems that life inside the walls is not always safe either. Set fifteen years after the events of the original title, Dying Light 2 will still retain the same hostile zombie creatures though they will continue to be lethargic during the day and more aggressive at night. Meanwhile, our protagonists, this time around, will have more parkour combat at their disposal.

One of the more popular exclusives on the PlayStation 4 console was Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn. This was an action RPG that throws players into the distant future where humankind has fallen. Nature has taken over, and large mechanical beasts roam the land, forcing what’s left of humanity to resort into small tribal villages. Not much is known about the world of metal, and as a result, seeking the old city structures has been considered taboo. Meanwhile, in the first game, players take the role of a young woman named Aloy, who was banished from her tribe as a baby. Grown-up, Aloy is working to piece together where she came from and why the tribe would even banish an innocent baby. Now it looks like we have a sequel called Horizon Forbidden West. Players will once again take the role of Aloy, who discovers a new infection plague that is spreading across the land. In hopes of fixing things, Aloy is forced into traveling to the Pacific Coast to find the plague’s source. However, along the way, she will encounter some new mechanical beasts along with other hostile factions.

There were quite a few fans out there eagerly waiting for the launch of Elden Ring. This is a new game by developers FromSoftware, who you’ll know from the Dark Souls franchise. Players can expect another game full of brutal combat and deep lore. This time around, we have a large open world to explore with plenty of hostile enemies to face against, castles to conquer, and catacombs to uncover. We know that the game will have multiple different paths and even endings. Overall, this means you’ll have some freedom in your campaign. Additionally, since this game world is so large, players will have mounts to traverse quickly and a fast traveling system to make the trek easier to manage.

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